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Animal care courses

If you want to turn your love for animals into a rewarding career and learn the skills to provide the best possible care to your pets, then here’s your chance! Learn how to groom, train and treat your animals with one of our animal care courses.

Real ways to study now, and pay later

Keen on a bit more study, but worried about the cost? Don’t let that put you off investing in your future. There are favourable financial options available for students of all kinds and ages, so make sure you get the facts before you dismiss the idea.

Studying in 2014: could online courses become the new norm?

If your only idea of study is dragging your textbooks across campus for one-hour lectures, then recent figures say you’re missing something big. Marni speaks to the experts about getting qualified without ever needing to set foot in the classroom.

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What do you REALLY get out of study? [infographic]

If you finish year 12 and study after high school, you will be much better off – but how much better off? This infographic gives you the stats on employment, salaries and satisfaction for anyone wondering if further study is worth their while.
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