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Jobs Australia 2014 report unveils 10 top jobs

The Australian Bureau of Statistics’s annual employment report card has been released revealing a soft job market and decline in non-skilled work. Here’s our state-by-state and industry-by-industry roundup, so you can plan for your future.

Natural therapy courses

If you like the idea of promoting health and treating illness by natural means, then why not study one of our natural therapy courses online from our wide range of offerings? Learn how to treat both yourself and others.

2014 pay gap survey: it's your job type, not your gender

The 2014 Graduate Careers Gender Wage Gap Analysis is out, and it says what some have suspected all along: a gender pay gap is the least of our worries. Marni looks at this and the HILDA report to make some surprising suggestions about workplace equality.

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What do you REALLY get out of study? [infographic]

If you finish year 12 and study after high school, you will be much better off – but how much better off? This infographic gives you the stats on employment, salaries and satisfaction for anyone wondering if further study is worth their while.
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