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Do you love learning about other cultures, their languages and political systems? A career based on international studies could see you land anywhere on the planet.

Countries today are deeply interconnected through international business, media and travel. Having a grasp of the language, customs and laws of other cultures opens up fantastic opportunities in government, non-government organisations, the media and multinational business.

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Where in the world can international studies take you?

One of those transferable degrees, international studies is a great option for anyone looking to learn about the world, around the world.

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Yvonne Oberhollenzer - International Relations Coordinator, College of Economics, Vietnam National University, Hanoi

'Every day something comes up that either amazes me or frustrates me, but the fact that there's so much happening all the time is what makes it so much fun to live here.'

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Belinda Lawton - Media, Communications and Education Officer, The Alliance for Safe Children, Bangkok

'I like to think in some way I've made a difference and contributed to the growing awareness of the problem of child injury across Asia.'

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Gillian Cook - Coordinator, Darfur Australia Network, Sydney

'Getting involved in a volunteering capacity with community organisations is a great first step into humanitarian work. You should look at the area that interests you – whether it's women's rights or a specific country or issue.'

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