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Detailed and personalised resignation letter

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If you are leaving your job and would like to provide a bit more detail for your employer, use this sample resignation letter as a template for your formal notification.

Samantha Jones

25 Smith Street
Miltown NSW 0000
02 9000 000



Sally Ralston

Managing Director
Publishing Inc.
1 Anne Street
Sydney NSW 1111


Dear Sally

Yesterday I was offered a journalism cadetship at World News. This is a great opportunity for me, as I want to work in the newspaper industry and build my journalist qualifications. It is a full-time position, so I will be unable to continue working at Publishing Inc.

I will be starting my cadetship on 6 April. According to my contract with Publishing Inc., I am obliged to give one week’s notice, which means I will need to finish on 3 April. I estimate that I will be able to complete the work set for me in the next week. However, I am available to discuss any questions about the work I have been doing.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with such an enthusiastic and productive group of people. I have really enjoyed my time here, learnt a lot about writing for the book market and I hope that I have contributed successfully to the business.

If not for the opportunity to be graded as a cadet as part of an intensive World News program, I would have enjoyed staying in the position you offered me.

I will always have the fondest memories of my time spent at Publishing Inc.

Kindest regards

[sign here]

Samantha Jones

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