Selection criteria sample: Awareness of Occupational Health & Safety issues

The response to this selection criterion is modelled on the STAR approach.

My current workplace has a clear, defined and well-constructed OH&S policy framework. Each employee is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of themselves and others. All work is performed in accordance with the requirements of the health and safety policy and procedures.

I have undertaken regular training on all facets of safe work practices including manual handling, correct workstation set-up, risk and hazard identification and the reporting of all accidents or incidents.

The company conducts an OH&S self audit every three months. All team members share the responsibility of this audit. Any risks/hazards are identified and appropriately dealt with. In one instance I identified that the workstations of several employees were not compliant with a safe working environment. I arranged for a meeting with the OH&S consultant to advise on such issues. These workstations were adjusted to ensure optimum health and safety outcomes.

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