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Graduate Certificate in Arts

  • Qualification:

    Graduate Certificate

  • Study mode:

    On Campus

  • Payment options:

    FEE-HELP may be available
    Upfront payment

  • Duration:

    Up to 4 years part-time

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  • Awarded by:

    University of New England

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What you'll learn

About this course

Graduate Certificate in Arts students at the University of New England (UNE) select a single major from the range of areas of study offered. The options include Chinese and Italian studies as well as classical languages, history, geography, peace studies, theatre and performance.

The units offered in each major have practical and personal applications and are relevant to careers in all levels of government, administration and foreign affairs as well as business, management, human resources and the arts (film, theatre, performance).


To be eligible for entry into this course, applicants must meet the following entry requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree with a major in a non-relevant discipline; OR
  • Hold a bachelor's degree with a major in a non-relevant discipline such as ancient history, Chinese studies, geography, history, Italian studies, peace studies, or theatre and performance.

You may be eligible for advanced standing if your previous education and experience meet certain criteria.

Areas of study

In this arts course, students choose one major from the eight listed below. Some of the subjects you may study include:

Ancient History major:

  • Introduction to Ancient Greece
  • Introduction to Ancient Rome
  • Introduction to Egypt and near eastern history
  • Society and the individual in classical Greece
  • Greek democracy and its enemies
  • Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic world
  • The art of Roman government
  • Rome of the Caesars
  • Augustus and the Roman revolution
  • The Roman family: from cradle to grave
  • Bronze Age Greece and the Aegean
  • Egypt in the age of the Pyramids
  • New kingdom Egypt
  • The art and architecture of the ancient world
  • Warfare in the ancient world

Chinese Studies major:

  • Chinese language (1A and 1B)
  • Chinese language (2A and 2B)
  • Chinese language 3A
  • Advanced Chinese 1: writing
  • Advanced Chinese 2: translation
  • Advanced Chinese 3: tradition and modernity
  • Contemporary Chinese culture

Classical Languages major:

  • Introduction to classical languages
  • Classical languages through reading
  • Intermediate classical languages
  • Intermediate classical texts
  • Advanced classical languages
  • Advanced classical texts
  • Classical prose texts
  • Classical verse texts

Geography major:

  • Earth in crisis?
  • Where in the world? Australia's human geography
  • Catchment to coast
  • Cradle to grave: population geography
  • Economic change and urban development
  • Architecture and urban design
  • Natural hazards
  • Uncertainty, science and policy-making
  • Principles of development control
  • Regional development: processes and policies
  • Transport and land use planning
  • Planning policy for hazards
  • Environmental change in Australia
  • Urban living
  • Population, health and environment

History major:

  • What is history?
  • Medieval Europe
  • Colonial Australia
  • Modern Australia
  • Europe and the new world
  • Local and community history
  • War and Australian society in the 20th century
  • History as film
  • Waking the dead: death, burials and memorials
  • Heritage conservation
  • History and museums
  • The family in history
  • Oral history
  • Witch hunting, 1400-1700
  • Byzantine history AD 330-1056

Italian Studies major:

  • Italian language (1A and 1B)
  • Italian language (2A and 2B)
  • Italian language (3A and 3B)
  • Introduction to modern Italian literature and culture
  • Modern Italian novel
  • 20th century women writers in Italy
  • Italian Renaissance literature
  • Grandeur and decline: the novel in Sicily
  • 19th century Italian literature
  • 14th century Italian literature
  • The Italian detective novel

Peace Studies major:

  • Introduction to peace studies
  • Environmental peace
  • Active resistance: contemporary nonviolence
  • Environmental security and peaceful futures
  • Resolution or transformation of conflict
  • Building peace in post-conflict situations
  • Post-conflict justice and reconciliation processes
  • Globalisation as if people and ecosystems matter
  • Constructing aliens: refugees in contemporary Australia

Theatre and Performance major:

  • The playwright and the play
  • Introduction to live performance
  • Speaking in public
  • Australia on stage
  • The classic play and performance now
  • Minorities and majorities in Australian theatre
  • Renaissance matters
  • Perspectives on Shakespeare
  • Drama skills for secondary teachers
  • Working with Aboriginal people
  • Creative arts performance and analysis
  • The actor's craft
  • The role of the director
  • Directing and production
  • Performance studies in context
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Career outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a nationally recognised Graduate Certificate in Arts from the University of New England.

The degree provides graduates with refined skills in their chosen field or indeed in a completely new field. Those working in a diverse array of professions in the private or public sector can use the qualification to demonstrate intellectual and analytical ability, a propensity for independent thinking, and broad general knowledge.

Major areas of study are diverse - including history, languages, and geography - and have practical applications in a variety of workplace settings.

UNE is committed to a holistic approach to education, ensuring that all graduates also possess the following transferable attributes:

  • Communication skills
  • Capacity for problem solving
  • Information literacy
  • Awareness of ethical conduct and social responsibility
  • Independence and collaboration
  • A thirst for lifelong learning

Curious about where a career in arts could take you? Potential job outcomes may include:

  • Writer
  • Artist
  • Musician
  • Dancer
  • Entertainer
  • Actor
  • Craftsperson

Payment options & support

Finance options

Eligible students can apply for FEE-HELP to cover the upfront costs of all or part of your fees (quotas apply).

Alternatively, you can pay annually for the units you select to study in that year.

The University of New England also offers a number of scholarships to successful applicants.

You may be eligible to receive FEE-HELP for this course!

This course can be paid for through the FEE-HELP government loan scheme. If you are an Australian citizen or hold a permanent humanitarian visa, this means you don’t need to pay upfront.

Instead, the Australian government will pay your course fees on your behalf. You’ll begin repaying your loan through the tax system once you start earning more than the minimum threshold of $54,869 (2016-17 income year).

Find out more about government study loans here.

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