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Master of Science (Astronomy)

  • Qualification:

    Master's Degree

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  • Duration:

    12 units

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  • Awarded by:

    Swinburne University of Technology

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What you'll learn

About this course

The Master of Science (Astronomy) program through Open Universities Australia offers those with a fascination with the workings of the universe an opportunity to gain an in-depth education in key concepts and theories in astronomy. In this postgraduate science course, you will learn about the solar system, dark matter, the birth, life and death of stars, and galaxies and galaxy formation.

Shorter programs

If you choose not to study the entire Master of Science (Astronomy) degree you may be able to complete an alternative program. This is beneficial for students who need to develop a specialisation or prefer not to commit to the whole study period. Depending on the units studied, you can exit with either a Graduate Diploma of Science (Astronomy) or Graduate Certificate of Science (Astronomy).


Several elective units in this master's degree program have prerequisites of university level 1 mathematics and physics. Students without university level mathematics and physics may apply for the Graduate Certificate in Science, as units in this award do not have any prerequisites. Alternatively, you may complete tertiary units in mathematics and physics as non-award units before beginning the master's program.

Areas of study

In this master's degree, you will study:

Three required units:

  • Exploring the solar system
  • Exploring stars and the Milky Way
  • Galaxies and their place in the universe

And one out of four optional units:

  • Major project - history of astronomy
  • Major project - observational astronomy
  • Major project - computational astrophysics
  • Major project - astronomy and astrophysics

As well as eight out of 14 elective units:

  • Tools of modern astronomy
  • History of astronomy
  • Introductory radio astronomy and SETI
  • Astrophotography and CCD imaging
  • Studies in space exploration
  • Stellar astrophysics
  • Major project - history of astronomy
  • Introduction to particle physics and high energy astrophysics
  • Major project - observational astronomy
  • Major project - computational astrophysics
  • Astrobiology and the origins of life
  • Major project - astronomy and astrophysics
  • Planetary science
  • Cosmology and the large-scale structure of the universe
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Career outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a nationally recognised, accredited Master of Science (Astronomy) from Swinburne University of Technology.

This master's degree program in astronomy focuses on developing your ability to communicate science knowledge. This course is ideal for science educators, people working in astronomy-related fields, amateur astronomers and anyone with a love of astronomy. With the education and training you receive, you will be able to effectively communicate your knowledge and love of astronomy to others.

Curious about where a career in science could take you? Potential job outcomes may include:

  • Research Technician
  • Astronomer
  • Science Field Officer

Payment options & support

Finance options

FEE-HELP is available.

You may be eligible to receive FEE-HELP for this course!

This course can be paid for through the FEE-HELP government loan scheme. If you are an Australian citizen or hold a permanent humanitarian visa, this means you don’t need to pay upfront.

Instead, the Australian government will pay your course fees on your behalf. You’ll begin repaying your loan through the tax system once you start earning more than the minimum threshold of $54,869 (2016-17 income year).

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