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Calling all future financial services leaders: Finsia Mentoring Program 2010

Applications are now open for the 2010 Finsia (Financial Services Institute of Australasia) Mentoring Program.

This program is designed to connect aspiring leaders of the financial services industry with the expertise, insights and networks of today’s leaders. Participants are matched with appropriate mentors based on their needs, goals and aspirations.

This is a structured 16-week program, fully supported by Finsia staff. Over the course of the 16 weeks, participants will attend regular meetings, as well as workshops and networking functions.

Mentoring can play an important role in helping to direct and inspire you towards your future career. Industry leaders can provide valuable insights and opportunities to assist you in making decisions about how to achieve your goals and which jobs are best for you.

The Finsia program is unique for the industry and is available exclusively to Finsia members.

‘The mentoring program offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to be matched with someone with extensive industry experience and expertise, who can help them to learn and progress their careers. Our membership is unique in that it covers the entire spectrum, from young people just entering the field to seasoned professionals. So we use the mentoring program to “matchmake” and bring these people together,’ says Michelle Bloom, Director of Brand and Marketing for Finsia.

‘Both parties get so much out of it – mentors, too, learn about different mindsets and approaches, as well as about themselves. It’s not just a one-way street – it’s a really valuable experience for both sides,’ says Bloom.

Visit the Finsia Mentoring Program website for information about dates and applications to apply as a Finsia mentor or mentee.

For further information or to speak to the program coordinator, Pauline Wearne, please email or call +61 2 4476 8107 or +61 (0) 431 486 062.

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