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It’s close to midnight and something evil’s lurking in the dark. Actually, it’s the middle of the day and the only evil lurking in the dark are those unclaimed leftovers in the office fridge. Nevertheless, there are more pumpkins and lollies around than normal and Jeff from finance seems to have turned into a zombie … or is it just budget time again?

No, it’s Halloween!

From its Celtic origins, Halloween (also known as All Hallows’ Eve) has become a calendar event that is fervently observed by North Americans – but it’s gaining popularity here in Australia as well. After all, it’s just another excuse to dress up and party – two things Australians are very good at!

But before you go door-knocking around your neighbourhood, consider whether it really will be a treat for your street. Some communities organise trick-or-treating for their kids and participating houses put up decorations to show they’re packing. However, if your neighbours aren’t down with the festivities then the only thing you’re likely to get is some chewing gum or the door slammed in your face.

The safest way to celebrate is to organise a party at home or the workplace to get your ghoul on. If you are planning an office Halloween haunting, here are some tips to help you ‘thriller’ your way to a fiendishly fun time.


You can easily achieve a haunted house by spreading out some cotton wool to make a spider web and throwing in some plastic spiders. However, if the boss is paying, why not let the professionals help you out with some eerie backdrops or frightening fixtures


Some talcum powder and an old sheet are a good option if you like minimal effort with maximum impact. Before you go dressing up for a spooky staff party though, be sure to check your work calendar. If you have any client meetings or important presentations, it might be a good idea to leave the fake blood at home.


I tend to use the good old faithful Women’s Weekly cake cookbook for some sugary goodness in witch or ghost form. There are also plenty of great ideas for ghoulish grub floating around in cyberspace. But if you’re not into trawling sites like Pinterest for ‘finger’ food, maybe leave that one to the experts too. Have you got anything planned for Halloween this year? We’d love you to share your ideas!

Have you got anything planned for Halloween this year? We’d love you to share your ideas!

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