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There are some things we all know about ourselves – whether we’re big talkers or tend to be quiet, whether or not we prefer large groups or one-on-one interaction, whether we’re super-organised or tend to do things on the fly – but have you ever thought more deeply about just what kind of personality type you are, and how this could impact on your future career choices and prospects?

Your individual traits and characteristics mean you will thrive in different jobs and environments. Whether it’s a profession or a trade, a corporate environment or casual family company, working with people or hard data – being in the right career and environment can make the difference between job satisfaction and feeling like a square peg in a round hole

Discover your personality type

Career FAQs has partnered with My Career Match, Australia’s leading provider of online personality assessments, to provide you with the Career Personality Test, which takes only 7 to 10 minutes and gives you insight into what makes you tick. It can give you the information you need to make better career decisions and even suggests some careers that you may be particularly well-suited to.

Based on the theories of personality types and proven behavioural analysis from the psychologists Carl Jung and William Marston, the My Career Match personality test is based on the premise that there are four basic personality types: Drivers, Promoters, Analysers and Supporters. Most people have both a dominant and a secondary personality type, and this particular combination to a large extent determines how a person behaves in different situations, what their innate tendencies are, and what environments they are most likely to thrive in.

The test has undergone reliability and validity testing and has demonstrated a high level of accuracy – over 85% – in assessing and defining different personality types and behavioural styles, and reliably predicting individual behaviours and traits. Test results display a high degree of correlation with the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and DISC personality tests.

When you take the test you will receive a free personality report which includes an analysis of your personality type, career paths which may be suited to you, insights into your work-related strengths and assets, and more. You will also have the option to receive a comprehensive 11-page Career Personality Profile which Career FAQs has enhanced with invaluable career-boosting information to include a whole host of possible jobs for your individual characteristics, a description of your learning style and ideal working environment, tips on how to get ahead, and links to a wide range of university and vocational training courses that could help get you there. Each Profile contains over 150 active links to further free content – so you’re just a click away from finding out what kinds of jobs are out there for someone just like you.

Helping students figure out their options

High school can be pretty confusing at the best of times – especially when you’re trying to figure out what to do with your life! Career personality tests such as this can be particularly useful to students who are seeking career suggestions and information that can help point them in the right direction. In a survey of 134 Sydney high school students, 93% reported that their profile was a reasonably accurate portrayal of them, 83% reported that their career profile gave them new career options to consider, 91% reported that their report was of value to them and 85% believed that the report would be helpful in applying for a new job.

Stuart Jones, a career adviser at Penrith Christian College, says, ‘This is an excellent tool for students to provide option-driven career paths. They gain an understanding of themselves but are still given the power to choose an area in which they have the most interest.’

John McIntosh, careers adviser at Good Shepherd College, also had positive experiences with the test. ‘I ran the My Career Match program for year 11 students in their careers class and they were all thrilled with the program and the results. They actually thanked me for the trouble I went to organising the event – this is year 11 students!’

Finding the right career path for you

Recent studies have established personality as a legitimate predictor of a range of job-related behaviours across a variety of employment settings and groups. Personality models have been proven to explain and predict work attitudes, and job performance and outcomes. Not surprisingly, the primary market for the My Career Match test has been hundreds of recruitment consultants, who use the test to assess candidates and ensure that they’re placed in the right environment to match their individual needs and traits.

Personality tests can also be invaluable to job seekers in helping them determine which types of jobs or careers they may have a particular aptitude for based on their personality type. They can help give you ideas and point you in directions that you might not have considered before.

Over 450 000 people worldwide have taken the My Career Match test, in countries including Australia, the United States, Canada, South Africa and China. Clients range from recruitment companies and educational organisations to companies such as AAPT, Macquarie Bank, Medibank Private, Virgin Blue Airlines, Vodafone, Ernst & Young, ING Direct and hotel chains Accor, Novotel, Mercure, Sofitel and Intercontinental.

‘I’ve been around a long time and My Career Match is one of the best career assessment tools out there,’ says Karen Murray, career adviser and weekly contributor to ABC Radio Riverina, NSW.

Career FAQs is excited to launch the Career Personality Test, a free online psychometric assessment that provides insight into your personality, working style and the types of jobs in which you could excel. Please click here to take the test!

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