How to Become an Administrative Assistant

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What do I need to study to become an Administrative Assistant?

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Definition of Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants are employed in many different industries to provide organisational support to managers, executives and department heads. They are responsible for a wide range of clerical and office duties and help to ensure the efficient operation of the department or company.

Most of the tasks performed by an Administrative Assistant are focussed on managing the distribution of information within a department or office. This typically involves answering phones, sending and receiving emails, maintaining filing systems and taking memos. Admin Assistants also schedule meetings, book travel arrangements and greet clients and customers.

Administrative Assistants create and manage spreadsheets and databases, produce reports and presentations and ensure maintenance of office supplies and equipment. They may also liaise with vendors, manage stockrooms or libraries and compile research and data from various sources.

What are the responsibilities of an Administrative Assistant ?

  • Answering and screening phone calls, emails and messages.
  • Managing spreadsheets and databases.
  • Maintaining filing systems, stock rooms and office equipment.
  • Scheduling meetings and booking travel arrangements.
  • Preparing reports, documents and presentations.
  • Receiving and directing clients and visitors.
  • Taking memos and transcribing information

Career Outlook for Administrative Assistant

The average age of people working as is 43 with 16.30% of them being male. 58.10% of are employed full-time and they typically work around 35.6 hours per week.


Unemployment is average and, with A Bachelor Degree or higher, the average Community Worker can earn around $1,000 per week Before Tax. In 2015 there were 251,800 working and the future growth of the profession is predicted to be strong, with numbers around 274,000 in 2020.