How to Become a BAS Agent

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What do I need to study to become a BAS Agent?

Gain skills and core competencies to help you begin a career in accountancy or bookkeeping with this self-paced online Certificate IV Accounting and Bookkeeping (FNS40217) from MCI Institute.

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Definition of BAS Agent

A BAS Agent is a registered accounting professional who specialises in assisting clients with preparing and submitting their Business Activity Statement (BAS). They advise business owners of their obligations, liabilities and entitlements under BAS provision and ensure that all statements conform to government regulations.

BAS Agents perform many of the functions of a bookkeeper but are also authorised to advise on all aspects of GST, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT), superannuation, PAYG withholding and other applicable tax payments. A BAS Agent will also deal directly with the ATO on behalf of their client regarding the lodgement of Business Activity Statements.

Additional services offered by many BAS Agents include, calculating and processing payment summaries, employee termination payments, gross wages and other payroll tasks; monitoring super guarantee (SG) contributions, and completing a taxable payments annual report for the ATO. They may also perform other tasks on behalf of their client, such as lodging a tax file number declaration or applying to the registrar for an Australian Business Number.

What are the responsibilities of a BAS Agent ?

  • Generating financial reports for the preparation and submission of Business Activity Statements (BAS).
  • Registering businesses for GST, PAYG and PAYG ITI.
  • Advising clients and ensuring compliance with GST, Fringe Benefits Tax, Super Guarantee and other related legislation.
  • Liaising with the ATO and other tax professionals on behalf of the client.
  • Lodging Tax File Number declarations.
  • Facilitating registration of Australian Business Numbers.
  • Identifying and addressing tax, super and other financial discrepancies.
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll management.
  • Monitoring budgets and cash flow projections.

Career Outlook for BAS Agent

The average age of people working as is 38 with 51.80% of them being male. 80.60% of are employed full-time and they typically work around 39.6 hours per week.


Unemployment is below average and, with A Bachelor Degree or higher, the average Community Worker can earn around $1,400 per week Before Tax. In 2015 there were 189,100 working and the future growth of the profession is predicted to be moderate, with numbers around 202,100 in 2020.