How to Become a Community Worker

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What do I need to study to become a Community Worker?

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Definition of Community Worker

By assisting people and local groups to identify their needs and participate in decision making, Community Workers implement initiatives and collective solutions within a community, helping to develop and improve local programmes and facilities.

A Community Worker serves as a source of information, advising individuals and communities regarding the services, facilities and support accessible to them. They are involved in planning and delivering a wide range of policies and schemes such as family support, guidance and counselling, education opportunities, resettlement pathways and children’s services

What are the responsibilities of a Community Worker ?

  • Assessing available resources for community services such as health and welfare, housing, recreation, employment and education.
  • Supplying feedback and liaising with local organisations and agencies to improve and develop local services.
  • Identifying client needs by conducting interviews with individuals, families and groups.
  • Facilitating clients’ access to available support, services and programs
  • Providing information on community assets and self-help programmes to assist clients with understanding and resolving problems.
  • Generating case records and reports, following up with clients to monitor progress and continue support.
  • Participating in the implementation of social policies, community development and self-help programmes through the use of practical experience, research and negotiation.

Career Outlook for Community Worker

The average age of people working as is 41 with 11.40% of them being male. 69.30% of are employed full-time and they typically work around 35.5 hours per week.


Unemployment is average and, with A Bachelor Degree or higher, the average Community Worker can earn around $1,364 per week Before Tax. In 2015 there were 30,800 working and the future growth of the profession is predicted to be very strong, with numbers around 39,500 in 2020.