How to Become a General Accounts Assistant

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Definition of General Accounts Assistant

A General Accounts Assistant provides support to the senior staff of a finance team. They are entry-level finance professionals who carry out basic accounting and clerical duties, helping to increase the efficiency of the accounts department.

General Accounts Assistants may work with a single senior accountant or as part of a team in an accounting firm or large business.

General Accounts Assistants aid with checking and managing their company’s general ledger and accounting records. Using spreadsheets, specialised software and databases, they update balances and calculate returns and interest on investments, accounts and loans. They also help with reconciling accounts, identifying and diagnosing discrepancies and preparing finance reports.

Other tasks carried out by a General Accounts Assistant typically include preparing reports, bookkeeping, general office administration, payroll, and finalising year- and month-end accounts. General Accounts Assistants also support the completion and lodgement of company and client tax returns in compliance with government legislation.

What are the responsibilities of a General Accounts Assistant ?

  • Verifying accuracy of invoices and outlining expenditures.
  • Arranging and processing accounts receivable and payable documents.
  • Researching and calculating proposed expenditures, costs of wages, quotes and business expenses.
  • Producing and lodging bank reconciliations.
  • Keeping records of regular expenses like office and packaging supplies, raw materials and incidentals.
  • Lodging and recording payments and reconciling accounts.
  • Managing budget assignment.
  • Collating data and preparing reports on budget performance, operational costs, inventory levels and profit and loss totals.

Career Outlook for General Accounts Assistant

The average age of people working as is 43 with 17.00% of them being male. 62.90% of are employed full-time and they typically work around 36.6 hours per week.


Unemployment is average and, with A Bachelor Degree or higher, the average Community Worker can earn around $1,071 per week Before Tax. In 2015 there were 126,600 working and the future growth of the profession is predicted to be in decline, with numbers around 118,200 in 2020.