How to Become a Sales Manager

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What do I need to study to become a Sales Manager?

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Definition of Sales Manager

Sales Managers guide and supervise a team of salespeople within a company or organisation. They set goals and quotas, develop sales plans, provide training, direct the distribution of goods and services by assigning sales territories, mentor the members of their sales team to improve performance and may also be involved in the hiring and firing process.

As well as liaising with dealers and distributors, Sales Managers work closely with the heads of other departments and need to be able to communicate effectively. They utilise data from the marketing team to determine promising areas and new customers to target and, in turn, supply information on inventory needs and consumer trends and preferences to the research, design and warehousing divisions.

The ability to analyse and interpret complex data enables a Sales Manager to anticipate inventory requirements, predict customer behaviours and maximise sales potential by determining the most effective sales strategy for each customer, store or region.

What are the responsibilities of a Sales Manager ?

  • Guiding and supervising regional managers and local sales teams.
  • Establishing and coordinating training for sales representatives.
  • Monitoring consumer trends and customer behaviours to focus and refine sales strategies.
  • Liaising with other departments regarding sales needs and customer preferences.
  • Resolving customer complaints regarding sales and services and communicating consumer feedback in order to improve products.
  • Preparing budgets and approving expenditures.
  • Projecting future sales and analysing statistics to determine product and service profitability.

Career Outlook for Sales Manager

The average age of people working as is 41 with 62.30% of them being male. 89.50% of are employed full-time and they typically work around 42.9 hours per week.


Unemployment is below average and, with A Bachelor Degree or higher, the average Community Worker can earn around $1,858 per week Before Tax. In 2015 there were 125,900 working and the future growth of the profession is predicted to be moderate, with numbers around 132,500 in 2020.