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If you love learning about culture, history, philosophy and literature, a career in arts is one of the most stimulating career choices around.

The knowledge and skills of someone versed in one or more of the arts are essential to a healthy and progressive society. Critical thinking, research, analytical and communication skills – these are the domain of the arts graduate, qualities highly regarded in business, government and the community sector.

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10 majors you might not have considered for your arts degree

From criminology and sport studies to mathematics and music, we take a look at 10 majors from The University of Queensland you might not have considered for your arts degree.

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Jobs Australia 2014 report unveils 10 top jobs

The Department of Employment's annual employment report card has been released revealing a soft job market and decline in non-skilled work. Here’s our state-by-state and industry-by-industry roundup, so you can plan for your future.

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Jobs Australia 2014: Where are the jobs in Queensland?

Employment growth in Queensland is slightly below the national average – but are there industries that are set to boom? The Jobs Australia 2014 report from the ABS highlights the fast-growers and those to back away quietly from.

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Where in the world can international studies take you?

One of those transferable degrees, international studies is a great option for anyone looking to learn about the world, around the world.

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