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The world needs good builders to make solid, durable buildings that will stand the test of time and look good to boot.

If you’re a practical, hands-on person with a great eye for detail and a solid work ethic, a career in building and construction could be a creatively rewarding and financially shrewd choice.

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Jobs Australia 2014: Where are the jobs in Queensland?

Employment growth in Queensland is slightly below the national average – but are there industries that are set to boom? The Jobs Australia 2014 report from the ABS highlights the fast-growers and those to back away quietly from.

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Regional Australia: Is the grass really greener?

Regional cities are booming with job opportunities ripe for the picking. Is regional Australia where it’s at?

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The true blue guide to Aussie jobs

It’s Australia Day weekend so let’s celebrate this land of plenty by looking at some quintessentially Aussie occupations.

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Building & construction career fact sheet

Considering a career in building & construction? Check out this fun fact sheet for everything you need to know about the industry, at a glance.

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Building & Construction sample resumes & cover letters

Spruce up your CV and job applications with our free resume & cover letter samples. View all building & construction templates
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