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Business Administration Careers

Equip yourself with an understanding of daily business operations, and enhance your career prospects in a business environment, with a Business Administration Course.

Business Administration courses may look at subjects such as: planning administrative systems; planning conferences; project management; managing people and leading a team; managing meetings and conferences; preparing, designing and managing documents; strategic management; business communications; workplace culture; marketing and consumer behaviour and; preparing and reporting on financial activity.

Overall students of a Business Administration course will come away with the skills and knowledge to implement a range of necessary business functions, systems and practices.

Business Administration courses

Business Administration news & views

What's An MBA?

What is an MBA? What is the definition of an MBA? What will the MBA do for me? Have some of these questions been kicking around in your mind? If so, look no further, we’ll demystify exactly what those mysterious sounding MBA's are.

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MBA or Masters - What's Right For You?

MBA v Masters? Are they the same? And which should you choose? Such sensible questions you ask! The MBA Vs Masters debate has been causing quite a stir in our waters, so we thought we’d dispel the rumours and deliver you the facts on each.

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How To Ask Your Employer to Pay For Your MBA

There's no question, studying an MBA in Australia costs a lot. Before you give up on the idea, consider this. What about convincing work to pay? Wondering how you can get them over the line? Read how to get started

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