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The 21st century has seen the rise of the digital age, and with it, the explosion of the digital media industry. Digital media has risen to become one of the top in-demand professions.

Encompassing all types of electronic media, from the Internet, audio and video, mobile phones and mp3 players to laptops, the range of job opportunities in the digital media sector are limitless: in film and television as a video editor or digital media producer; in IT as a web or games developer; in design as a digital art director or animator; or in audio as a sound or SFX producer. The list goes on and on.

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  • Bachelor of Digital Media

    Bachelor of Digital Media

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    The 100% online Bachelor of Digital Media degree provides students with the skills to carry out creative processes in the digital media environment.

Digital Media news & views

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There’s no business like show business

Music, film and television occupy a big place in most of our lives – they help us to relax, help us to feel, and shape how we see and experience the world.

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