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The public service supports the local and national community through the framing, development and implementation of government policy, and provision of essential public services.

A government career will give you the best of all possible worlds – challenging work and a stimulating directive, combined with a great salary, conditions and benefits.

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    Start an exciting career in the public sector with this comprehensive Diploma of Government course.

Government news & views

Jobs Australia 2014: Where are the jobs in the ACT?

With a large number of public sector jobs set to get the chop, where will the jobs be in the ACT? The Jobs Australia 2014 report from the ABS investigates the opportunities won and lost for the nation’s most highly educated workforce.

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What to do when you get fired: lessons from our political leaders

Politicians have notoriously low job security, so if anyone knows how to get fired and move on, it should be them, right? For better or worse, Marni takes a look at what we can learn from our esteemed leaders of the past.

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8 career options for language studies graduates

If you’re an adventurous and ambitious person who loves new experiences, studying a language course could just open the opportunity of a lifetime.

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The public sector: a world of opportunity

‘People have this idea that working in the public sector is all about boring jobs but it isn’t. I’ve had an extraordinary career doing terrific things that I believe in.’

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