How to become a teacher in Australia: careers in teaching

How to become a teacher in Australia: careers in teaching
Teachers provide training and guidance to students at every level of education from early childhood through to tertiary studies. A great number of specialisation options are available for anyone pursuing a teaching career in Australia, with scope to focus on subjects, age groups or specialisations that you are passionate about. In Australia teachers need to complete a relevant tertiary qualification.
Teachers are responsible for creating positive classroom environments that allow students to develop their skills and knowledge in a supportive and encouraging setting. Daily duties for teachers will vary depending on their individual role and the setting they teach in. In general they create lesson plans to set curriculums, assess student performance and provide feedback. Teachers develop teaching materials and assessment tools, guide students to appropriate resources and maintain classroom discipline.
  • Create lesson plans
  • Assess student performance
  • Develop teaching materials
  • Maintain classroom discipline
  • Guide students to resources
Teachers need display creativity to design engaging lessons. A genuine care for their students, a genuine interest in the subjects they teach and solid interpersonal and communication skills are also essential skills. Organisation and planning skills are essential, as well as patience and understanding. For teachers who specialise in a particular subject, an in-depth knowledge of their area of expertise is also required.
  • Patience and understanding
  • Outstanding organisational skills
  • Good at communicating
  • Creativity
  • Knowledge of subject matter

Teaching is a diverse profession, with roles available at different levels of seniority, different subject areas, different age groups and ability types, so there is plenty of scope to find your niche and specialise.

Primary school teachers teach students in the K-6 grades basic literacy, numeracy, social science, creative expression and comprehension skills.
Teachers working in secondary schools must complete a specialisation as part of their Bachelor of Education degree completing the required amounts of units in their teaching specialisation.
These teachers cater to the needs of students who have sensory, physical, emotional or intellectual disabilities or other learning impairments.
To become a teacher you need a tertiary degree and at some levels you will also need to complete units in your chosen field of specialisation.
Getting Started

Start your career

Get a great introduction to the world of teaching with these courses.
Strengthen your skills

Strengthen your skills

Get a qualification that will allow you to pursue employment as a teacher in Australian schools.
Build your resume

Build your resume

Refine your skill set or pursue a specialisation with additional training.
Industry requirements

Industry requirements

To work as a teacher in Australia you must join the register of qualified teachers in your state or territory.
Finding Work

Finding Work

Put your training to good use and get the best professional head start in your teaching career. Emphasise your personal strengths and achievements in your resume and target your cover letter to the job description listed.
Employment Prospects

Employment Prospects

There is always demand for qualified teachers, with employment opportunities at all levels.

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