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Any business or organisation that deals with volumes of information needs to be able to store, order and access it logically and efficiently. This is the domain of the information manager.

Information management goes beyond librarianship, extending to government organisations, IT, and medical, legal, and transport and logistics businesses. Any business that deals with large archives of information needs solid information management.

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Career FAQs guide to librarians

The old-fashioned image of librarians as bespectacled, fusty old women in cardigans bears no resemblance to the librarian of the twenty-first century. Today’s librarians are young and old, male and female, IT savvy, and people oriented.

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Six reasons to become a librarian

If you thought being a librarian was boring, think again. Here are six reasons why working as a librarian is stimulating, rewarding and a fantastic career choice.

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Spruce up your CV and job applications with our free resume & cover letter samples. View all librarian templates

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