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You may have taken a few snaps that you think are pretty good. Or you might have made photography your hobby. But have you considered making a career of it?

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Jobs that get you out and about

Being cooped up in an office all day isn’t for everyone. But it’s the only way to pay the bills, right? Wrong. For all you active and outdoorsy folk, there are plenty of jobs that’ll get you out and about and away from cubicle culture.

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Georges Antoni - Photographer

Internationally renowned fashion photographer Georges Antoni talks with Career FAQs about life as a photographer, important career lessons and how a boy from Queensland stumbled into one of the most glamorous careers around.

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National Geographic Channel & Travel Photography Scholarship to South Africa

If you’re an avid amateur photographer with a hankering to travel to foreign lands and take stunning pictures along the way, World Nomads is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a beautiful and exotic part of the world.

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Nine courses you never thought you could study online

In an age when almost everything you could want is at your virtual fingertips, the world of education has also moved into the digital sphere.

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