Selection Criteria Sample: Ability To Learn Quickly & Manage Change

Selection Criteria Sample: Ability To Learn Quickly & Manage Change

When applying for a job with the public sector, it’s crucial that you properly address the key selection criteria.

Demonstrating your ability to learn fast and adapt well to change is important in any field and any level of seniority. Be sure to give specific examples of when you've experienced change, how you handled it and highlight your ability to learn fast. 

Use this sample response as a guide to writing a winning job application. 

Selection criteria example: Ability to learn quickly and manage change

My role as an administrative assistant at We Buy Real Estate, demonstrates my ability to learn quickly and manage change. This role was my first professional job after completing my studies, which meant I not only had to learn new systems and processes but also adjust to full-time work.

In less than one week of starting at We Buy, I became familiar with the entire team (including their roles and responsibilities), the internal systems and technologies used and daily housekeeping tasks; I also quickly adopted a new personal routine to allow for my new travel schedule and hours of work. I thoroughly enjoy the multi-tasking that an office environment demands and was praised for my ability to learn quickly and settle in so well.

Five months ago, the company experienced a restructure, which has seen me take on an entirely new set of responsibilities. New tasks included handling accounts, liaising more with prospective buyers and new buyers and attending viewings.

My positive attitude, coupled with my ability to multitask and willingness to constantly upskill, has enabled me to manage change successfully, whether big or small.

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