Selection Criteria Sample: Ability to Successfully Interact With People From Different Backgrounds

Selection Criteria Sample: Ability to Successfully Interact With People From Different Backgrounds

If you're applying for a government job, then chances are you're knee-deep in addressing each individual selection criteria listed in the job ad.

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Selection criteria example: Ability to successfully interact with people from different backgrounds

In my final year of high school, I was part of the Senior Representative Council (SRC), which gave me the opportunity to interact more with people from a variety of backgrounds including all my peers, teaching staff, administrative staff and parents.

Part of my duties as an SRC member included co-hosting fortnightly SRC meetings, and attending functions outside of school, including sporting events, which exposed me to a lot of people from the local community and gave me to opportunity to talk with them and form good friendships.

Another important duty of mine included organising fundraising events for the school. This required me to work closely with fellow council members, as well as teachers, year coordinators and parents to ensure the success of each event. We put on a morning tea to raise money for the Cancer Council, and as a committee we were responsible for promoting the morning tea around the school, gathering donations and organising food. We had a goal to raise $1,000 and thanks to our efforts as a team we exceeded that goal and managed to raise $1,450.

Working together with people from different backgrounds allowed me to be exposed to a variety of thoughts, opinions and ideas in order to achieve a greater outcome; as well as make the most of each individual’s strengths – proving that two heads always work better than one. 

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