Selection Criteria Sample: Able To Operate Effectively In A Team, Contributing Positively To Team Operations And Working Relationships

Properly addressing key selection criteria is a vital part of applying for any job with the government, and demonstrating on paper that you’re a team player is no different.

Here’s a sample response that proves you not only understand the importance of fostering positive work relationships, but love working as part of a team. 

Selection criteria example: Able to operate effectively in a team, contributing positively to team operations and working relationships

I have worked as part of a team for many years and understand the importance of great teamwork. As a team member, I am mindful of my role and the roles of others to ensure successful outcomes. I have been part of teams that take a problem-solving approach to tasks and have helped formulate action plans. In such situations, I enjoy the ability to work together to brainstorm ideas. 

In my current role I participate in twice-weekly sales and service meetings. I contribute ideas that often lead to the success of various projects. In our most recent campaign, I suggested the title and developed the direction while others contributed to other areas of the project, such as the program and promotion. Effective teamwork led to the campaign being the most successful yet.

I work closely with other team members to foster an open communication environment by regularly discussing any issues we may have. I am also involved in coaching other members where needed.

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