Selection Criteria Sample: Demonstrated Commitment to Professional Learning & Continuous Improvement

Selection Criteria Sample: Demonstrated Commitment to Professional Learning & Continuous Improvement

If you want your job application within the public sector to stand out then it is crucial you nail your answers to the key selection criteria!

Regardless of what field, department or speciality you work in — a commitment to learning and development is vital.

Use this sample response to address this particular selection criterion in your application. 

Selection criteria example: Demonstrated commitment to professional learning and continuous improvement

I believe that in any field it is important to continue to develop professionally, and I have an ongoing commitment to developing my soft and hard skills. 

During my time as Project Manager at BJM Group, I would sign-up to in-house training sessions, which were presented by either HR staff or external speakers.

One training programme included a six-week management course (one day per week) on best practice around training staff, and developing and mentoring team members. I was dedicated to bettering my management skills, ensuring I did the best job as a leader to my team. I would have regular one-on-ones with team members to implement the new mentoring techniques learned, as well as catch-ups with HR to gain more insights, and ask for feedback to improve my performance and role.

Furthermore, I am currently in my final semester for my Master of Project Management. Throughout my two-year course I have enjoyed broadening my understanding around project management principles; how to best lead and manage projects; portfolio and program management; and how to assess quality, control and risk.

My commitment to continue to learn and develop my skills is ongoing and I believe has made me successful in my role as project manager. My dedication was recognised by the senior team at BJM Group in staff emails and monthly company meetings.

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