Selection Criteria Sample: Proven Ability to Manage Projects & Promote Teamwork

Selection Criteria Sample: Proven Ability to Manage Projects & Promote Teamwork

When applying for a job within a government department it’s crucial to nail your responses to the selection criteria.

Draw on past relevant experiences and share them in a way that is clear and succinct. If you’re a graduate then you may want to find examples from when you were studying.

Use this sample response as a guide to demonstrate your experience managing projects and promoting teamwork. 

Selection criteria example: Proven ability to manage projects and promote teamwork

For the last 12 months I have worked with the digital marketing company, X. During my time with the organisation I have demonstrated the ability to work both as a valuable team member and have also been responsible for leading project-based work.

An example of a project I managed, titled ‘Project Backlog’ involved completing and clearing out all the tasks from our original CMS system, and transferring the old and new content over to the updated CMS system. As a team leader, I was responsible for a variety of tasks including, creating a project timeline, training team members on the new system, assigning tasks, scheduling and coordinating check-in meetings, and liaising with senior management around updates on the system and team progress.

During my role of project manager, I developed considerable communication and time-management skills in order to effectively and efficiently complete the job. The key factor that my role required during Project Backlog was for me to ensure we worked cohesively as a team. Our team worked well under pressure, adopted the changes immediately and handled the increases to workload. We would regularly check in as a team where I asked open-ended questions to ensure that these lines of communication were clear and strong amongst team members.

A great achievement was when we managed to complete the project in six weeks, which was two weeks earlier than the estimated finish date.

All of the skills I have gained whilst carrying out this project, particularly communication, organisation and time management, can be readily applied to any role.

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