Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing Major)

  • Qualification:

    Undergraduate, Bachelor's Degree

  • Study mode:


  • Payment options:

    HECS-HELP may be availableUpfront payment

  • Duration:

    3 years full-time

  • Start date:

    Monthly intakes – enquire now!

  • Awarded by:

    La Trobe University Online (Delivered by Didasko)

  • Career Outcomes:

    Office Manager | Office Administrator | Executive Personal Assistant | Entrepreneur | Product Manager | View All

Course Rundown

The Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing Major), from La Trobe University, equips students with the foundation of business knowledge and key marketing skills needed for careers in the business world.

Throughout the first year of the course, students undertake a range of core business subjects, covering everything from accounting and finance fundamentals to sustainability in business. In the second and third years, students choosing the Marketing major will undertake specialised units of study in their discipline, from digital branding and social marketing to consumer behaviour and innovation in business.

As well as problem-solving, critical thinking and decision-making skills, students will gain a strong foundation of leadership and entrepreneurial skills to prepare them for a range of careers in the modern digital workforce.


Studying with La Trobe University


To be eligible to study this course, applicants must meet the following entry requirements:

  • Completion of Year 12, with a score in English of at least 25; OR
  • An equivalent academic level achievement; OR
  • At least 2 years of work experience, after leaving school; AND
  • All students are required to undergo the online Didasko Literacy and Numeracy Assessment and achieve a pass mark of 60%.

What You’ll Learn

In this marketing course, the subjects you may study include:

  • BUS1OPX - Office Professional
  • BUS1STX - Sustainability Practices
  • BUS1BFX - Business Fundamentals
  • BUS1AFX - Accounting and Finance Fundamentals
  • MKT1MDX - Marketing: Stand & Deliver
  • MGT1OBX - Working with Others
  • MKT1ADX - Advertising in Digital Age
  • CSE1ITX - IT Fundamentals
  • BUS2QCX - Quality Customer Service
  • BUS2PMX - Project Management
  • MGT1FOX - Foundations of Management
  • BUS2WDX - Workplace Diversity
  • MKT2MRX - Market, Audience & Social Research
  • MKT2BBX - Digital Branding & Retailing
  • BUS1ABX - Analysing Business Data
  • BUS2BIX - Business Innovation
  • LST2BSX - Introduction to Business Law & Ethics
  • BUS1BUX - Investigating Economic Issues
  • MGT2IMX - Managing Across Borders
  • MKT2CBX - Consumer Behaviour
  • BUS3DBX - Digital Business
  • BUS3ENX - Entrepreneurship
  • MGT3SLX - Leadership
  • MKT3IMX - International Marketing
  • MKT3SOX - Social Marketing
  • MKT3SMX - Strategic Marketing
  • MGT3OCX - Organisational Change & Development
  • MGT3SMX - Strategic Management

Why study with La Trobe University Online (Delivered by Didasko)?

La Trobe University and Didasko have partnered to bring you the most respected online qualifications in Australia.

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Student Support

Studying with La Trobe means you’ll have access to support staff and academic teams who will not only guide you through your studies, but also help you get job-ready.

You’ve got the qualification, now what? Their Career Support Centre will help you conquer your career goals and land your dream job... they’ll even help you prepare a standout CV and cover letter!

Where Will It Lead Me?

La Trobe online applied degrees provide you with the unique opportunity to achieve up to three qualifications over the duration of your studies. Subject to satisfactorily completing each part of your course, you will be awarded an applied diploma (end year 1), an applied associate degree (end year 2), and a Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing Major) from La Trobe University when you successfully complete all three years.

Graduates will be prepared to pursue careers in the management of large, medium and small businesses, in government, not-for-profit or private sectors, both domestically and internationally. Marketing major graduates are equipped to pursue a range of specialised positions in the business marketing sector.

Curious about where a career in business could take you? Potential job outcomes may include:

How Much Will It Cost?

Finance options

Eligible students can apply for the Australian government's HECS-HELP loan to cover the upfront costs of all or part of your fees.

La Trobe University also offers an upfront payment option.

HECS-HELP You may be eligible to receive HECS-HELP for this course!

This course can be paid for through the HECS-HELP government loan scheme. If you are an Australian citizen or hold a permanent humanitarian visa, you may not need to pay upfront.

Instead, the Australian government will pay your course fees directly to the provider on your behalf. You'll begin repaying your loan through the tax system once you start earning more than the minimum threshold of $45,881 (2019-20 income year).

Find out more about government study loans here.