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JavaScript Development Part-Time

  • Qualification:

    Short Course

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    Payment plan
    Upfront payment

  • Duration:

    10 weeks of 2-3 hour sessions 2 nights a week

  • Start date:

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  • Awarded by:

    General Assembly

  • Course fees:

    Price may vary

  • Career Outcomes:

    Software or Applications Programmer | Web Developer | Assistant Web Developer | Web Programmer | View all

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Course Rundown

About this course

Build in-demand skills for the 21st century workplace with this practical online JavaScript Development course from General Assembly.

A go-to language for coding for both web and mobile, JavaScript is one of the strongest tools a website engineer can have, and is yours to master in this practical and relevant online course.

Virtually every industry now requires the support of skilled professionals to create and manage websites, and with the practical skills learned in this course, you'll be equipped to bring creative ideas to life and quickly grow your professional skillset.

In this course you'll master the fundamentals of the JavaScript language and object-oriented programming. You'll learn how to use JavaScript both in the browser and on the command line, and will build your own single-page web app. Taught online by industry leaders, this course ensures you develop sought-after skills and put new knowledge into practise.

If you like solving problems, have an idea to share, and want to grow your career, this course could be your first step towards a rewarding and exciting career in web development.


To be eligible to study this course, applicants must have a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Graduates of General Assembly's Front-End Web Development course will be well-prepared.

Areas of study

In this web development course, the subjects you may study include:

Unit 1: Fundamentals of JavaScript

  • Installfest
  • Working with JavaScript on the command line
  • Data types
  • Collections and loops
  • Functions and scope
  • Unit 1 project, slackbot

Unit 2: The browser and APIs

  • Objects and JSON
  • Intro to the DOM and jQuery
  • DOM and jQuery, continued
  • AJAX and APIs
  • Asynchronous JavaScript and callbacks
  • Unit 2 take home project: API consuming app

Unit 3: Persisting data and advanced topics

  • Advanced APIs
  • Prototypical inheritance
  • This and anonymous functions
  • Intro to CRUD and Firebase
  • In-Class lab

Unit 4: Building and deploying your app

  • Deploying your app
  • Instructor/student choice
  • Lab time
  • Lab time
  • Final project presentations
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Where Will It Lead Me?

Upon successful completion of this course you will obtain a certificate of completion of the JavaScript Development Part-Time course from General Assembly.

This qualification will enable you to demonstrate skills, abilities and experience in the in-demand field of web development, and may enable you to pursue new employment in a role relating to programming, web development, web design and digital management.

After completing this course, you may choose to seek employment as a web developer, programmer or web designer, or take on responsibilities relating to digital strategy and decision-making.

How Much Will It Cost?

Finance options

The fee for this course is $4,500.

General Assembly offers affordable payment options to help you start your studies sooner:

  • Make repayments through Study Loans
  • Or, pay your course fees upfront via credit card.
  • Make repayments through zipMoney

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