Developmental and Biological Psychology

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    Course Unit

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  • Payment options:

    Upfront payment

  • Duration:

    6 weeks

  • Start date:

    June & October 2019

  • Awarded by:

    Monash University

Course UnitCourse unit
Work towards a qualification one subject at a time, or complete a stand-alone course unit for personal interest or professional development. You may be eligible to receive Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for studying this unit.

Course Rundown

Take a closer look at how developmental psychology is impacted by changes in the single course unit, Developmental and Biological Psychology from Monash Online. In this six-week, online course, you’ll look at how physical, cognitive, social, and emotional changes affect development.

In this deep delve into the brain, you’ll explore key concepts in biological psychology, including:

  • States of consciousness
  • Mental disorders and addiction
  • Mechanisms and disorders of learning and memory
  • The regulations of emotional and motivated states.

Complete the course with the skills to describe the psychological and neural processes associated with human thoughts, feelings and behaviours. In addition, you’ll be able to identify aspects of the brain that relate to normal human development.

Learn with one of Australia’s leading universities and pursue your passion for psychology.


To be eligible to study this psychology unit, applicants must have completed:

  • PSY4111: Foundations in psychology theory and development; AND
  • PSY4122: Introduction to psychology research

What You’ll Learn

This is a single unit course and may be used toward credit for future studies in psychology.*

*Subject to course entry requirements

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Where Will It Lead Me?

Completion of the unit Developmental and Biological Psychology from Monash Online may be used as credit towards a full Graduate Diploma in Psychology (if you meet other entry requirements). 

Studying single units allows you to quickly add skills to your resume relevant to your work and gives you the opportunity to discover if you'd like to pursue postgraduate study further. 

How Much Will It Cost?

Finance options

The fee for this psychology course unit is $3,737.50