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Study Tips

How To Balance Studying Online With Parenting

Life as a full-time parent is tough enough, let alone adding study into the mix. We uncover ways to ensure this juggling act is made as easy as possible.
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How To Unlock Your Learning Style

Uncovering your preferred learning style could be the key to supercharged study success. Read on to find out whether you're a visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learner.
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So you didn't make it into university

What’s your contingency plan? Rather than burying your head in the sand, consider the many alternatives to the traditional university pathway.
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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Study Break

You ploughed your way through the trials and breathed a big sigh of relief – but now you’re realising that it’s only just begun. Follow these six steps and you'll be surprised at how much more you can absorb.
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The Australian Qualifications Framework

Not sure what level of qualification is right for you? Or even when you can start studying it? We’ve done the groundwork for you so you can get on course faster.
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Choosing the best course of study

Choosing between course programs is hard, and you've got a lot of things to weigh up. Careers advisor Jo Messer helps you decide which course is best for you.
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Coming back from the brink of uni failure

Did you blink and realise that you’re almost at the end of the year? Got more hangovers than HDs? It’s not too late to turn it around and finish the uni year on a high.
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What students and new grads can do to get a head start

You're a uni student or new graduate and you've got the education, but what can you do get your career off the ground when you don't have any work experience? Go online, and start networking!
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Vacation Work: Launch Your Career In One Summer

If your time at university is drawing to an end and you’re worried about your chances of finding employment, applying for a summer vacation program could help you secure the job of your dreams at the end of your study.
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International student scholarships for Australia

With its high standards of education and living, and eight of the world’s top 100 universities, Australia is becoming an increasingly sought-after destination for international students. There are many scholarships available to international students.
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