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Australian Qualifications Framework

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The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is a national framework that aims to protect and ensure the quality of Australian education. Under the AQF, there is a high national standard across all education and training sectors, meaning that all qualifications are recognised across Australia as well as worldwide.

Each State and Territory has legislative responsibility for authorising the issuance of qualifications in the senior secondary schools, vocational education and training and higher education sectors.

All Australian education and training institutions that wish to offer courses to international students must be registered with the Commonwealth Government. These institutions are monitored and audited on a regular basis to guarantee quality control and to ensure that they comply with regulations.

International students are also protected under the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act.

The AQF allows students to start studying at any level that suits their skills and knowledge and makes it easy to build upon qualifications with further credentials. This is due to the creation of a common understanding of what constitutes each qualification.

The AQF also provides a benchmark for credit transfers and recognition of prior learning, making it easier to understand and compare levels of qualifications.

AQF Qualifications

Here are the AQF qualifications by sector of accreditation.

Schools Sector

Senior Secondary Certificate of Education

Vocational Education and Training Sector

Vocational Graduate Diploma
Vocational Graduate Certificate
Advanced Diploma
Certificate IV
Certificate III
Certificate II

Certificate I

Higher Education Sector

Doctoral Degree
Masters Degree
Graduate Diploma
Graduate Certificate

Bachelor Degree
Associate Degree
Advanced Diploma