Selection Criteria eBook

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A strong selection criteria is essential to creating an outstanding application when gunning for a role in the Australian Public Service and state, territory and local governments.

If you’re applying for a job within the public sector but struggling when it comes to putting together your criterion, don’t worry, you’re not alone! The process of writing your selection criteria can be tricky, time-consuming and a struggle for even the most experienced professionals in the public sector. To help, we’ve put together a compact, simple to digest eBook to answer your questions on all things selection criteria.

In our Selection Criteria eBook - The Key to Landing Your Dream Government Job, we’ll show you:

  • How the selection criteria works and best practice
  • Where to start when putting together your selection criteria
  • How to work well under pressure
  • Top tips for success
  • Why the STAR approach works so well
  • How to write powerful and engaging responses – including over 15 sample responses

Nailing your selection criteria will get you on your way to an interview and one step closer to the job you want!