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'Is it worth doing an internship?'

Confused about internships and how they work, and whether they’re even worth doing? Jo sheds some light on this confusing topic.
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'I want to leave school after Year 10. Can I do that?'

School isn’t for everyone. If you’re already over it and want to leave after Year 10, here are some of your options.
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'How do I get an apprenticeship?'

Want to gain an apprenticeship but don’t know where to start? Career advisor Jo helps point you in the right direction.
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'Should I study online or on campus?'

Online or on-campus study … each has its pros and cons and you just have to choose the mode that best suits you and your circumstances. Jo lays it all out to help you weigh it up.
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'I'm in a career rut. How do I get out of it?'

Do you feel professionally stale and unmotivated, like you’re going nowhere? Sounds like you’re in a rut – see what Jo has to say about getting your career mojo back.
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'How Do I Negotiate Flexible Working Hours?'

Want to ask your boss for flexible hours but don’t know how? Here are some tips on how to broach the topic from career advisor Jo Messer.
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'I made a fool of myself at the office Christmas party'

Oops, you did it again. You got wasted at the office Christmas party and made a total drunken fool of yourself. It’s time to go into damage control, with this advice from Jo.
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'I'm sick of being a minion!'

So you’re underpaid, underappreciated, and you’re just not going to take it anymore! Career advisor Jo Messer is here to dish out some tough love.
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'My boss is a bully'

Are you at your wit’s end with a bullying boss from hell? Jo offers advice on what you can do to deal with a difficult boss and stop the bullying.
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'Uni or TAFE?'

So you didn’t get into uni … but is TAFE a good option? Jo offers her advice.
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