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395 aged-care nursing scholarships announced

Thinking about studying nursing? With 395 undergraduate aged-care nursing scholarships just announced there’s no better time to consider a career in aged-care nursing.

The annual government scholarships are worth up to $5000 per semester to a maximum of $30 000. The total government spend will be over $7 million, aimed at providing practical support to Australia’s future aged-care workers.

Aged-care nursing is a rapidly growing field in Australia with the oldest of the baby boomer generation now in their mid-60s.

Minister for Ageing, Justine Elliot, announced the scholarships last week. ‘If anyone is interested in a nursing career, aged care is a great part of the health system to work in and scholarships like these provide real and practical support while you study,’ said Elliot.

To help build a workforce qualified to care for Australia’s aging population, the government will provide many nursing scholarships over the next four years – 1580 undergraduate nursing scholarships, 1240 postgraduate scholarships and 40 practitioner scholarships.

‘Improved and expanded education and training for aged care workers complements the Government’s investments to provide better health and better aged care services,’ said Elliot.

Applications close on 10 September 2010. To find out more or apply, visit the Royal College of Nursing, Australia website or call 1800 116 696.

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