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Streamlined student visas puts focus on education

There’s good news for international students looking to study in Australia – the new government is streamlining the student visa application process, a change that is set to help overseas applicants and open up the Australian higher education sector.

Scheduled for implementation in 2014, the new visa processes will also apply to 22 low-risk non-university education providers for students enrolled in bachelor, master’s or PhD degrees or eligible exchange programs. 

Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne, acknowledged the contribution of the vocational education and training sector to the Australian economy.

‘These changes would allow the vocational training sector to contribute more freely to our plan to restore Australia’s tertiary education system to its former peak of almost $19 billion in export income for the nation’, Mr Pyne said.

‘If we cut red tape and allow more students into Australia to access a world-class tertiary education, we all stand to gain.’

Under the new processing arrangements, overseas students will only need to go through three levels instead of five as part of a streamlined assessment-level framework (ALF).

Students will also have more flexibility when providing financial evidence, meaning many students will be able to apply for a student visa with up to $40,000 less in the bank.

It is believed that these changes will attract more international students, benefit Australia’s education system, create more jobs and stimulate Australia’s economy.

To find out more information on student visas, visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Streamlined visas for international students
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