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Dale Thomson - Account Manager, Finsbury Green

As an Account Manager at Finsbury Green, Dale manages projects to turn design and print on the small screen into a real-life product that you can hold in your hot little hands. He is in charge of liaising with clients to ensure that they end up with the right product at the right time, as well as identifying new client prospects.

With offices in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, Finsbury Green produces everything from magazines, calendars and newsletters to invitations and brochures for a range of different clients all over Australia. They also specialise in offering environmentally friendly options so you could say that their printing doesn’t cost the earth!


What do you do in your position?
As an Account Manager, I work with a large range of customers to provide solutions for their printing requirements. Clients are everyone from small businesses, not-for-profit organisations, councils and government bodies to large corporations.

Part of my role is to ensure all quotes are attended to promptly which involves liaising closely with the estimators. Once a quote has been accepted by a customer, I then put the project into the system and check with all appropriate personnel in internal departments to ensure that the project can be produced in an acceptable timeframe.

I follow the project and communicate daily on the status of all my projects with my customers.

How did you get into printing?
I was introduced to the printing trade in 1981 and, after doing some work experience, completed a four-year apprenticeship that included a Certificate IV in Graphic Reproduction at TAFE. I worked in pre-press for 24 years before moving into my current position of account manager for the last two.

A lot has changed since I first began – we used to do most of the work manually. However, these days it’s nearly a completely computerised trade and technology is continually making the industry faster and faster.

What sort of printing does Finsbury do?
Our clients are quite varied and the type of printing work can be anything from publications including annual reports, magazines, travel and tourism guides to promotional gear, posters, calendars, packaging and personalised business stationary – pretty well the whole spectrum.

The size of our runs can range from 500 up to one million depending on the circulation of the particular printing project.

What makes Finsbury an environmental printer?
Environmental printing starts from the ground up. Some of the environmental practices we have include vegetable-based inks, alcohol-free printing and a complete waste management system through the whole company. We have reduced our chemical usage by 90 per cent, and proactively reduce our consumption of water and energy throughout the whole operation. We also work closely with all our suppliers and especially our paper merchants from whom we gain access to all the different types of environmentally-friendly accredited paper.

However, we understand not every customer wants to print with recycled stock. It’s the nature of the industry that everything comes with a lot of options, and naturally environmental paper is one of those options.

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