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Enza Naffah - Senior Brand Manager at Darrell Lea Chocolates

Enza Naffah
'You can eat as much chocolate as you like while you're at work but I don't get sick of it. Every time I meet someone new, or whom I haven't seen in awhile, I get asked for chocolate.'

In her job, Enza takes care of Mother’s Day and Easter as well as non-seasonal lines such as chocolate boxes and chocolate bars. Enza started working at Darrell Lea in 2004 in a full-time position, but after taking a year off on maternity leave she returned to the company on a part-time basis. She now has two children and works three days a week. Around the country there are over 1100 Darrell Lea stockists, including 80 Darrell Lea owned stores.

When do you start planning for Easter?

Darrell Lea starts preparing for each season the day after it finishes, so the organisation for Easter 2008 started at the end of Easter 2007. We begin with a review of how the previous campaign went, and look at what were the good and the not so good sellers. We also look at potential products for the following year.

Who do you work with?

I am part of the marketing department but I also deal with the production department, and the planning and sales divisions. Darrell Lea is a bit different from many other businesses in that we are involved in manufacturing as well as operating as a retailer. We sell our own products in our own stores, as well as other distribution channels.

What specialised Easter products does Darrell Lea sell?

We’ve got products that have been around basically since the company started over 80 years ago. The most iconic line for Easter is our soft coconut nougat egg. Other well-known products include our hand-rolled eggs or our half-filled eggs.

Do you create new products for each season?

Every year we bring out new lines. This year we have our new chocolate orange experience gift pack. That combines a new hand-rolled egg, which is one of our famous products, but it also incorporates a product that is a non-seasonal item, which is our chocolate orange balls. We also develop new gift items such as gift boxes, cups and plush toys.

Who comes up with the ideas for new Darrell Lea Easter products?

It’s a combination of feedback from our customers, our area representatives and stores, and then marketing compile all the information with their own ideas and come up with a product range.

Are sales higher at this time of year?

We definitely have an increase in sales on all of our ranges during seasonal times. More people are coming into the stores and buying products that they love – they’ll pick up a bag of liquorice or a Rocklea Road at the same time.

How do you promote Darrell Lea Easter products?

We do a fair bit of advertising around Easter. Recently we’ve been focusing on an outdoor campaign with bus shelter advertising as well as radio advertising around the country. There are also PR activities such as samplings and giveaways. I’m responsible for putting together these campaigns, so I work with our media, PR and advertising agencies to come up with one consistent message.

How is Darrell Lea involved with the Save the Bilby Fund?

We’ve been working with the Save the Bilby Fund for years, trying to help this endangered species. There are five products in the bilby range and a percentage of sales from each goes to the Save the Bilby Fund. We also promote the fund through point of sale and PR activity. We’re also looking to develop a new 20 gram chocolate bilby that will be sold throughout the year.

What other experience do you have in marketing?

I’ve come from working in many FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). I started as a marketing assistant with Heinz-Wattie’s where I worked on the Weight Watchers Foods brand. From there I moved to Goodman Fielder where I worked as a assistant brand manager on MeadowLea, Crisco and Praise Mayonnaise. I was then promoted to brand manager and worked in the food services division of the same company on brands such as Uncle Tobys and WhiteWings.

What qualifications do you have?

I completed a business degree at the Australian Catholic University. I specialised in marketing and management.

What do you like most about your job?

I like the fact that I’m sharing in the special occasion of putting together gifts that people give to each other.

What advice do you have for someone who is interested in pursuing a similar marketing role?

A business or marketing degree is great because it is quite broad and varied and you can pursue a career in advertising, PR, product management or design. I like the business side of this industry because it gives me the opportunity to work on a range of different products. It really opens up the door to a lot of different things.

Are there any perks to your job, such as free chocolate? How often do people ask you for free chocolate?

You can eat as much as you like while you’re at work but I don’t get sick of it. Every time I meet someone new, or whom I haven’t seen in awhile, I get asked for chocolate.

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