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Erica Elvy - Regional Sales Manager, Aussie Home Loans

Erica Elvy
'Even though we're technically called sales people, we're not really. It's more like we're helping people find a solution.'

Erica started out her career as an accountant and, after spending five years at home raising her children, she was looking for a career that would complement her lifestyle. She answered an advertisement for a mortgage adviser at Aussie Home Loans three years ago, and thrived in her new role. After two years, she felt ready to move into management. She spoke to her state manager and shortly after was offered the title of regional sales manager. Erica has spent a year in this role.


What do you do in your current job?

I look after a team of 40 mortgage advisers and two office staff. I make sure they are supported in their roles and make sure targets are met. We organise home loans for customers, so I make sure the customers are looked after. Each day is different to the next – I’m either on the phone dealing with customer complaints or I’m training new brokers, helping to put loans through or making sure my reports are up to date. It’s not something you can list a job description for.

What’s interesting about the mortgage industry?

Even though we’re technically called sales people, we’re not really. It’s more like we’re helping people find a solution. It’s really rewarding because most of the people we see, particularly here in Sydney’s western suburbs, are first homebuyers, so you’re helping people achieve their dream.

Do you have to be a salesperson to be successful?

Definitely not. I’m not too fond of salespeople. Nowhere at Aussie are you ever made to feel like that. There is a lot of money to be made as a broker and it’s a great job that’s very flexible. You have to motivate people to reach their sales targets, but by showing them how and leading by example you can achieve. We really don’t push the sales process.

How did you get into your current role?

When I started with Aussie I always thought I’d like to get into the management side. I started out as a mortgage adviser and I looked into having a franchise with Aussie where I would have my own shop. Because I have three small children I didn’t think I was ready to handle the long hours. I explained this to my state manager and that day I got a call from head office and had an interview.

What’s an interesting project you have worked on?

I’ve been involved in developing our new software program. This software is what advisers use when they go to see customers about home loans. The adviser enters in all the relevant information about the customer and the software shows which mortgage product is best for that client. They asked me to help because of my experience as a mortgage adviser and I advised them on what a broker would like to have in this program. It was fascinating to see how we can improve our service by what we can show customers.

What is the salary package for your job?

It can range from $70 000 to $200 000 because it’s performance based.

How is your work–life balance?

I am able to achieve a balance because I have a very understanding employer. I have three sons and my husband is a mortgage adviser with Aussie, so he works long hours as well. His job is very flexible and this helps us achieve a balance. He takes care of the children in the daytime and I take over in the evenings.

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