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Exciting new course offerings from OUA for 2013

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Career FAQs’ online course selection is more extensive and diversified than ever, and with OUA’s new course offerings, 2013 is set to be an exciting year in distance education!

From 2013, OUA is offering a broad range of new courses in engineering, architecture, construction, health industry management and promotion, sustainability, education, and project management in the specialised fields of defence, emergency management and resources.

Check out the new Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Science), Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management and Economics), Master of Architecture, Master of Project Management (Emergency Management and Business Continuity), Master of Project Management (Resource Industry), Master of Engineering (Engineering Management), Master of Engineering (Systems Engineering) and Graduate Certificate in Engineering (Transport Systems).

Distance education never looked so good, or so interesting!

See our range of OUA online courses and our full range of distance education courses.

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