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Introducing Charles Sturt University

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Career FAQs is pleased to announce our newest partnership with one of Australia’s leading distance education providers, Charles Sturt University (CSU). CSU is a well established and respected presence in distance education and its vast and unique range of online courses represents an exciting addition to Career FAQs’ 750 distance education courses.

The 100 new courses being offered by CSU through Career FAQs cover a diverse array of both undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, including those in new and specialised areas such as theology, viticulture, adventure ecotourism, emergency management, forensic biotechnology, rehabilitation science, fraud and intelligence, equine science and more.

Now you can tailor your education degree like never before with courses in adult and vocational education, technology and applied studies, inclusive education and international education.

You can also take unique courses in parks, recreation and heritage, paramedic studies, complementary medicine, food and nutrition, policing and policing investigations, sustainable agriculture and Islamic studies, to name only a few.

CSU makes studying by distance more convenient and flexible than ever, allowing you to study full-time or part-time, and take one subject per session or accelerate the completion of your course.

It also provides a range of student support services for its distance education students, allowing you online access to your subjects, student services, CSU lecturers and staff, the CSU Library, subject forums, learning tools and study skills, and a personalised online portal.

With its excellent track record of high graduate employment, there’s no better time to study online with CSU, to either complete a degree or upgrade your qualifications and advance your career. You can start with one subject to see if it’s right for you and take it from there, or go for that bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Check out all our new CSU courses or see the full range of our online courses.

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