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Layne Beachley - World Champion Surfer and Owner, Beachley Athletic Wear

Layne Beachley
'Through my brand and my actions I want to encourage and inspire women to have a go. To dare to dream, encourage them to pursue their passions and inspire them to achieve.'

Not content with her amazing career as a world champion surfer, complete with an impressive swag of world titles, Australian surfer and role model, Layne Beachley, has designed her very own line of women's athletic wear for Kmart. With her range already into its second collection, Layne has progressed from surfer to entrepreneur.



At what point did you decide to make a career out of surfing?

I decided at the age of 15 that I was going to be a world champion. I had no idea what was required of me to achieve that goal but I wanted it bad enough to sacrifice everything in my life to turn the dream into a reality. It was important for me to become the best in the world and when you focus on something long enough, you eventually make it happen.

What motivates you today? 

I'm motivated to improve and find new and challenging ways to achieve different things in my life. From surfing to business, there is always so much to learn.

Did you always have a strong desire to succeed when you were growing up?

I was a very competitive kid and loved to challenge myself so I don't think success was as important to me growing up as it was to have a go and challenge myself. Through that exploration and experience I was able to identify what I was good at and then focus on becoming successful at it.

What is your proudest career moment?

Winning my first event back in 1993 gave me the belief that I could win not only events, but world titles. If I can go on and beat the best girls in the world once, then there is nothing stopping me from doing it again and again. It is that perseverance and commitment that enable me to consistently achieve the goals I continue to set myself.

What do you think is the key to your success?

There are several – a strong work ethic, for a start. I'm certainly not afraid of hard work and spending hours preparing and training and doing my research. Supportive friends and family, and plenty of counsel through coaches and trained professionals have been great for me. Commitment to doing my best along with self-belief and a love for what I do are all important to me too.

How does it feel to have set the bar so high for women's big wave surfing?

I'm proud of the impact I have had on women's surfing and I feel blessed with the ability to inspire a whole generation of surfers to pick up a board and experience this wonderful sport. Big wave surfing has been a passion of mine ever since I was a grommet and I love the fear and adrenaline it surfaces in me.

Do you feel the pressure to keep succeeding at an elite level?

No-one can put more pressure on me that I can so it comes down to how much I want it, how hard I'm willing to work for it and the level of sacrifice I'm willing to make in order to achieve what I have put my mind to. It comes down to your heart and following what you want to do.

What is Beachley Athletic Wear, and what sort of clothes do you design?

Beachley Athletic is a brand for women that supports women. Our second range is currently available nationwide in selected Kmart stores and it features active and performance wear, yoga wear and swim wear. A lot of inspiration is drawn from the style of clothing I like to train and perform in with a lot of consideration for quality, fit, function and comfort.

What is your company's motto?

Beachley Athletic is a partner of my Aim for the Stars Foundation and the motto for the foundation is 'Dream, Pursue, Achieve'. Through my brand and my actions I want to encourage and inspire women to have a go. To dare to dream, encourage them to pursue their passions and inspire them to achieve. That motto was instrumental to my success as a professional athlete so it made sense to use it for my company.

What is your main piece of advice for young people?

Focus on what you want out of life as opposed to what you don't want. Be positive, be prepared to ask for help and allow mistakes to be learning experiences. I have learned a lot more from my losses than I have from my victories.

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