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Man on the moon: astronaut careers

Astronaut careers
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'When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut’ ...

For many young kids, becoming an astronaut and flying through outer space is the ultimate job – it's right up there with other popular careers children aspire to, such as firefighter, super hero and princess. It represents the unknown, it's exciting, you get to contribute to scientific advancement and the best bit of all – you get the chance to wear a funny suit and bounce around on the moon!

Today, the world celebrates the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. On 20 July 1969, American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin successfully landed Apollo 11 on the moon and stepped out where no human being had gone before.

Famously heralded as 'one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind', this historic event still represents the pinnacle of what the human race is capable of. Not only was it an unprecedented achievement, it was a pivotal moment in scientific advancement and discovery.

As celebrations are organised all around America to mark 40 years since this significant event, there are exhibitions you can also attend in Sydney. The Powerhouse Museum showcases thousands of unique objects and exhibitions covering history, science, design, industry and more. If you've got a curious mind, are into space exploration and want to pay homage to the extraordinary event of 20 July 1969, or you simply believe you're a Neil Armstrong in the making, the museum's space exhibition is a must-see.

Find out what it's like to eat, sleep, wash, exercise and even go to the toilet in space! Experience the illusion of weightlessness in the Zero Gravity Space Lab, check out the amazing collection of satellites and other spacecraft, and enter the habitation module to find out what astronauts do when they're not working. The exhibition is a great way to get an insight into what it would have been like for the crew members of Apollo 11, learn more about the science and realise there is more to being an astronaut than just floating around a spacecraft – you almost do have to be superhuman.

For more details about the Sydney Powerhouse Museum exhibitions, click here.

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