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New year, new career

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Arriving back at work after the Christmas break you'll no doubt be aware more than ever of those little, or not so little, things that get on your nerves. The guy in the opposite cubicle who loves the sound of his own loud voice; the boss that bullies or gives you all the boring jobs; the co-worker who takes all the responsibility for your work.

After weeks of partying, overeating and boozing, you'll recognise the feeling of your body screaming at you to start looking after yourself. But now is also the best time to give your career some TLC. A fresh perspective and some honest thinking will help you make the right decision about whether to stay, bring back the buzz, change companies or do a complete career makeover.

If you're flooded with a sense of relief to be back at your desk, finding the work challenging and interesting, you're in a rare position and it's probably best to stay where you are! However it's always a positive step to refresh your skills and maximise your opportunities, so consider some efforts to maintain the buzz.

Join industry groups in your field and keep up-to-date with training and networking events. Also keep an eye on other jobs advertised in your industry just in case something exciting appears.

If returning to work is more of a trauma (or if you didn't get a break at all!), it might be time to start applying for other jobs and hand in your resignation letter. Finding a new job is time-consuming and can be a hassle, but you’ll be thankful when you’ve made the move.

Maybe it's time to retrain and launch an exciting new period in your life. Study a course in a field with skills shortages such as nursing, mining/resources, engineering, IT or teaching, and you'll have plenty of job opportunities! Or maybe it's time to enrich your life with a short course to stimulate and challenge you. There's a course for every possible career and interest.

Ready to take a fresh look at your career goals?

If you’re seeking a little career insight or guidance, you might want to try the new, improved Career Personality Test – it’s completely free and now even simpler to learn valuable insights into what makes you tick at work. Your free on-screen report gives you an analysis of your personality and work-related strengths, and other useful information to help you make better career choices.

You then have the option of purchasing your personalised 11-page Career Personality Report, which gives in-depth information about the types of roles that are suited to you and tips to improve on your weaknesses at work. It also suggests courses that may help you reach your career goals. Click here to get one step closer to your dream job!

Good luck with your Career Detox for 2012!

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