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Open Universities Australia has joined the massive open online courses (MOOCs) revolution with its latest offering, Open2Study.

Launched in late March, the initiative aims to provide free, high-quality online education to all.

With units administered by leading, accredited educational institutions like Polytechnic West , Macquarie University and Sydney Institute TAFE, participants are offered a unique insight into their area of interest.

Eager students can choose from a variety of four-week subjects, including financial planning, sports and recreation management, writing for the web and project management, with many more to come. Whilst no formal qualification is offered, each subject provides a pathway to further study and introduces students to the content offered in many of OUA’s online university and TAFE courses.

Underpinned by the principles of global, accessible and life-long learning, these subjects are open to anyone and everyone.

Whether you’re looking to explore your interests, boost your professional skill set or ease your way back into study, you’ll find something for you.

‘All you need is an Internet connection and the desire to learn something new, no matter what your motivation’, says Paul Wappett, CEO of OUA.

Open2Study is currently taking enrolments, with classes commencing 22 April 2013. For further details, visit the Open2Study website:

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