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Reinvent Your Career Expo 2012

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When you were still young – keen, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed – you might have dreamt of being a nurse, a job that meant helping people in their greatest time of need. Or perhaps you dreamt of being a pastry chef, churning out fluffy soufflés and delicate macarons each night in the kitchen. But then you took that six-month stint as a project manager just to pay the bills, and what was meant to be a contract turned into a full-time job. Ten years on and you’re still there … and those career dreams seem ever so distant. How could you possibly reinvent your career this late in the game?

It’s a challenge many of us are faced with, but thanks to the Reinvent Your Career Expo, there’s a place for you to ask the hard questions and get sound advice, tips and information from industry experts.

‘Your career is one of the big three decisions you will make in life. You owe it to yourself to get help from professionals’, says Allan Gatenby, Director of Programs for the Career Development Association of Australia.

What is the Reinvent Your Career Expo?

It’s a two-day expo that brings together skilled workers, potential employers, educators and trainers. The idea is to get all these different parties in the same room to give workers who are considering a career change a chance to discuss their changing career goals and needs.

‘This initiative was built intentionally for adults who may be bored with their current job, are seeking alternative challenges, a lifestyle career change or are re-entering the workforce’, says Reinvent Your Career Expo founder, Nicholas Ricciuti.

‘We simply connect organisations and people at a time when it’s right for both parties’.

Ricciuti also believes that increasing one’s ‘VQ’ (vocational intelligence) will help people make more astute career decisions.

Who will be there?

The event boasts over 60 exhibitors ranging from some of Australia’s leading employers and government departments to major educators and trainers. Attending will give you a rare opportunity to meet face-to-face with potential employers and skip the online job application process. It will give you real insight into what jobs are currently out there, and there will be over 1000 positions to snap up if employers think you’re the right person for the role.

Employers – Major Australian employers attending include Aussie Home Loans, Coates Hire, Flight Centre, ATEL (Apprentices Trainees Employment Limited), Australian Concert & Entertainment Security, NSW Taxi Council, Restaurant & Catering Australia, Transpacific Cleanaway, Philip Morris Limited and Paramedical Services Pty.

Educators – Top Australian educators like Charles Darwin University, Charles Sturt University – Distance Education, International Film School Sydney, Kaplan Australia/Carrick Institute of Education, Navitas Workforce Solutions, RPL GQ Australia, The University of Sydney Business School, Sydney Design School and many others will be at the expo to assist with upgrading and re-skilling.

Career experts – Career counsellors will also be on hand to give seminars and advice and hold interactive workshops. Free RPL assessments, career check-ups and resume services will also be available.

What are the jobs on offer?

Australian Home Care, CareCareers and Interrelate Family Centres will be offering 450 jobs in the aged care, home care and disability sector. Meanwhile, Queensland Police and the Australian Defence Force have over 500 jobs in the protective and defence arenas.

Australian Volunteers International will also have 100 volunteer jobs based nationally and internationally, while Jim’s Mowing Sydney and We Sell Fire will bring over 100 franchise and small business opportunities to the expo.


Dates: 8–9 September 2012
Venue: Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
Times: 10am – 4pm
Cost: $10 for single day pass; $15 for two-day pass. Free entry for under 18s.

For more information visit Reinvent Your Career or call (03) 9866 2111.

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