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Skills Recognition Conference

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With the global financial crisis upon us, getting your skills in order is more important than ever. But that doesn’t necessarily mean rushing out and enrolling in as many PhD courses as you can poke a mortar board at. It’s worthwhile taking a strategic approach to building your skill set so you can fast-track your career without reinventing the wheel.

This month’s Skills Recognition Conference in Sydney will aim to get Aussies utilising what they already know. With national skills shortages plaguing a range of industries, it’s also about getting businesses on board and recognising what their employees have to offer.

Skills recognition is exactly what it sounds like: recognising the skills you have and how they can best be leveraged so you can fill the gaps without going over old ground.

Registered Training Organisations can evaluate your work experience, on-the-job training, other qualifications, community work and even hobbies to turn them into a nationally recognised qualification.

Hosted by the NSW Department of Education and Training, the Skills Recognition Conference will promote good practice and the take-up of skills recognition for industry and training providers, and the development of maximum flexibility in training for employers and individuals.

It will identify how skills and training can help address the big workforce challenges of the future and show how businesses have reduced training costs by recognising the existing skills of their workforce.

It will also showcase the results of over 60 Skills Recognition projects undertaken across NSW since 2006.

Industry and big business players, public and private training providers, employment service providers and regulatory bodies are all set to be in attendance. They are all working towards improving your career, so now it’s up to you to do your bit – check out for more on making your skills work for you.

Where: The Australian Technology Park, Redfern
When: 25–26 May 2009
Cost: $495

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