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Study to earn more in 2014

Will you earn more in 2014?
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For any writer, journo, publicist or entertainer out there who was told that they would never earn a dime in a dead-end industry, here is the news you’ve been waiting for.

Media and publishing jobs have seen the most wage growth of any other category, according to PayScale’s 12-month Wage Index.

With a growth rate of 3.9 per cent, media and publishing jobs pipped other industries to the post, including science and biotechnology, information technology, and marketing and advertising.

Following three years of terrible growth, this trend will no doubt be welcome news to media and publishing aspirants.

On the other end of the scale, retail, administrative and clerical jobs fared the worst, with wage growth sitting well below the national average.

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Rank Job Category Percentage Change in Pay
1 Media & Publishing 3.9
2 Science & Biotechnology 3.1
3 Transportation 3.0
4 Legal 2.8
5 Social Services 2.5
5 Food Service & Restaurants 2.5
7 Construction 2.3
7 Information Technology 2.3
9 Marketing & Advertising 2.1
9 Manufacturing & Production 2.1
11 Healthcare Practitioners & Technical Healthcare 2.0
12 Installation, Maintenance & Repair 1.9
12 Sales 1.9
12 Architecture & Engineering 1.9
15 Accounting & Finance 1.3
15 Human Resources 1.3
17 Art & Design 1.2
18 Retail 0.6
19 Administrative & Clerical 0.2

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