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The all-new Career-o-meter… Do you feel lucky?

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Not everyone knows what they want to do as a career. In fact, many people have no idea. You feel like you’ve got a lot to offer, but you just don’t quite know in what capacity. The world is your oyster – you just need to find the right tool to open it.

Luckily for you, Career FAQs is all about providing you with the tools. And as part of our new website, we offer some options you may not have considered, combined with a whole lot of fun! It’s the perfect marriage of work and play.

Introducing the Career FAQs Career-o-meter! This works as part of our ‘I feel lucky’ function – it's a bit of light-hearted fun which just might hand you a career jackpot! By getting you to rate your creative flair, appetite for adventure and attention span as three key determinants of career success and happiness, the Career-o-meter works its magic and throws you a suggestion about what type of career might suit you. Have a punt and give it a go!

Using our lucky career dip couldn’t be easier. For each category, rate yourself from 1 to 10 on the Career-o-meter sliders. Press calculate, let the Career-o-meter ‘think’ through your options, and voila! You’re given a simulated print-out of one career that, based on your ratings, could be suited to you. Easy.

Let’s take an example. If you rate your creative flair as a 10, your appetite for adventure as 8 and your attention span as a 4, then you’ll be told that a career as a travel photographer is a path that could suit you. If you choose 5 for creative flair, 4 for adventure and 6 for attention span, your print-out will tell you that a career as a business analyst is closer to the mark.

And from there, you’re away! Hit ‘Get started’ on your print-out and you’ll be taken to a list of courses that will help you in your designated field, which you can explore at your leisure (and store them in the Favourites section to save and compare them easily).

The Career-o-meter result is, of course, just a playful suggestion – but it may give you a small prod into pondering a profession you might have otherwise forgotten, ignored or just hadn’t really considered. And you’ll have fun while you’re at it!

So if you feel like taking a punt, give it a try. You just might surprise yourself.

Feeling lucky? Check out our new I Feel Lucky feature now!

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