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If you’re someone who wants to do an MBA, you now have the chance to win a scholarship worth almost $20 000 towards your study.

The Edinburgh Business School (EBS) is now taking entries for its annual Australasian Scholarship Scheme, where three people will win the opportunity to study an internationally recognised MBA with a scholarship of $19 600.

Veronica Bainton was one of the scholarship recipients in 2010. She’d wanted to complement her past studies and work experience in law and the social sciences with an MBA.

‘I received news of the scholarship with EBS at a time when I wanted to further my career through postgraduate study but financial pressures were high’, says 32-year-old Bainton.

She was also about to move to Papua New Guinea, where she was taking a role as a liaison officer between local communities and the mining industry. Her job demanded a lot of travel between remote posts.

Fortunately for Bainton, EBS offers its degrees online, which meant she could continue her work in PNG while studying with EBS – the only international college accredited by the Department of Education and Training to provide MBAs in Australia. So she applied – and won.

‘It allowed me the freedom to focus on my career and study simultaneously’, says Bainton.

As a result of her MBA and her experience in Papua New Guinea, Veronica was recently offered a two-month internship in New York with the UN, which she began in October.

‘I was accepted as a result of my current study in business administration and my strong background in the social sciences’, she says.

Since beginning the internship, she has been involved in human rights research and policy development for the UN’s Global Compact, a policy initiative with a foundation in human rights, environment, labour and anti-corruption.

‘I have done a lot of research on global corporate social responsibility initiatives in the past and now I am working right at the heart of it. It is an amazing experience that is broadening my knowledge on international policy’, says Bainton.

Bainton’s studies and unique opportunity with the UN would not have been possible without the financial aid she received from the EBS scholarship. The scholarships are awarded on the basis of ‘financial need, intellectual ability, evidence of national commitment and future impact’. Last year’s other two winners were chosen in part because of their commitment to use the knowledge and skills imparted by the MBA for charity work. One of the two is currently developing work in a music charity, while the other is helping new migrants adjust to Australian life. Like Veronica, both were also chosen based on their financial circumstances.

General Manager of EBS, Malcolm Kinns, says that in this way the scheme helps people attain a postgraduate level of education that they otherwise could not, and provides hitherto unattainable career opportunities. As Bainton can attest, the qualification can take you to some very exciting places, anywhere in the world.

‘The MBA program opens doors for your career and can help you to achieve your professional and personal goals’, says Kinns. With the EBS MBA, you will have the oppportunity to graduate with either a general or specialist MBA, with electives in accounting, economics, finance, marketing, organisational behaviour, project management and strategic planning.

Applicants for the scholarship should be over the age of 25, be working or self-employed, and be citizens of Australia, New Zealand or the Pacific Islands. Applications close 19 December 2011.

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